Congratulations new brethern!

Brother Pashang Patel received his Master Mason’s degree followed by Al Dougherty receiving his Fellowcraft this last Monday the 6th. As can be seen by the featured photo, we had an good turnout of brethern for this event! Not bad for our first meeting of 2020. The Master Mason degree was conferred by John K.

The virtues of Masonry

Brothers from all over district 5 got together at Williamson Lodge this weekend to attend a symposium of Masonic Knowledge telecast. The opening topic was some historic background of the four cardinal virtues of Freemasonry: Fortitude, Temperence, Prudence and Justice. The brethren had a great fellowship afterward over lunch.

Oooo… Shiny!

Some brethren got together this weekend and gave the lodge a fresh coat of paint outside. Come take a look at our next local lodge event!

Pig Roast Makes a Splash

Williamson lodge held it’s annual pig roast on August 10th, where our Worshipful Master pictured here proceeds to douse brothers John Rogelstad and Denny King with a Masonic cannonball. In addition to that entertainment, we enjoyed a great roast pig, family and friends hosted by brother Scott Biedenkapp!

Fun with Phillies

Some brothers and their families got together to cheer on the Reading Fightin’ Phils on a hot August Sunday. It was lots of fun because the Phillies won!

Pancake Breakfast

Over 80 friends, family and brethren joined us for our annual pancake breakfast.

Touching history

Our Worshipful Master, Rick Klinedinst, showcases the actual Bible with which George Washington received his degrees!